Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Live Love

Of course we cannot acheive true health if we eat like crap, but food is just a spoke on the wheel. You can eat the best of the best diet but without adequate sunshine and good water, deep breaths of fresh air and daily activity in your life you will never completely get there. Grounding and balancing our energies just by standing with our feet on the earth everyday is also huge! Enjoy these four elements to achieve true health; Earth(grounding), Wind(fresh air), Fire(sun), Water(good clean drinking water). Add to that clean eating, daily exercise and lots of love and see what happens <3

One of my favorite forms of exercise is yoga. Every morning sometime between lemon water and green juice I always stretch it out. In practicing yoga focusing on deep breathing is essential. It never fails to give me an amazing sense of relaxation and calmness. I've found that on days that I stretch in the morning I do much better with my diet. I keep my eye on the prize and my focus is much clearer.

One way I like to get all of the above (fresh air, daily activity, lots of sunshine, good water and good food) accomplished at the same time is walks to the park. I pack up Kierstens wagon or jogging stroller with tons of fruit, a blanket and with our pup on a leash off we go. It's almost a mile walk there, pulling or pushing a 4 year old I am sure to get a good workout. These are definitely our best days.

I've also found this to be the best way to get Kiersten to want to eat fruit. With what I packed being the only options she has no problem. She of course spends most of her time at the park playing resulting in her only coming for something to eat when she is truly hungry. It's not that she doesn't enjoy these foods when we are home, but with other foods available to her she is more likely to pick and choose and also want to eat out of boredom.  So with her only eating when she is hungry and enjoying great food full of life and expending energy I am a happy mom <3

Love is always number one in my book and I believe it should be a main priority. Without it everything else is irrelevant. Give love, receive love. Don't point fingers. Don't act out of anger. Just breathe. Don't put energy into negative situations. Accept everyone. Forgive all. We're all fighting some sort of battle.

Eat love, Live love


  1. Adorable daughter!! And love this post. Totally agree with what you say about clean food AND healthy habits, like sun, water etc!! Love to do yoga as well and try to do it Daily. Love your blog!!!

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  3. You posted nice .I am finding more similar post through online .I wanna say with you "Love Human Life" deeply .Please keep it up .