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I never once in my adolescence thought I would ever need to  educate myself on eating food that my body is biologically designed for/ proper food consumption for optimal health for human beings. Looking back I wonder why on earth I had never heard the term frugivore. When I mentally venture back to elementary school I can visualize the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore in big white chalk on a blackboard but there was never any mention of what a frugivore is. Surely there is a such thing. Frugivores are one of the four classes of vertebrates. I had never been introduced to the term until I came across this information on my own. 

I don't believe that my teacher was the culprit in keeping this valuable information from me, she only taught us what she was "told" to teach. This tells me that the picture is much bigger than her and I and the school and the state and the country. 

I definitely don't blame my parents for feeding me the way they were fed. The blame deserved is much greater than any of us can imagine but I refuse to let it take away from my happiness. Although it does bother me I realize that the only thing I can do is further educate myself and my daughter and spark interest of this information in anyone else that wants to benefit from it. You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can't make him think.

Understanding Our Species

We must eat the foods that are biologically suited for our species. For me it makes the most sense to picture myself in nature, where we (humans) originated, before stores and kitchens and stoves. I can't picture myself bare handedly taking down a cow, ripping him apart and eating his flesh raw. Even with the use of tools this seems like a brutal process for both parties. I believe that when humans resorted to eating other animals it was by means of survival where plant food was not abundantly available. I can however picture myself climbing a tree and bare handedly pealing a banana. I loved climbing trees as a kid and bananas were and still are one of my favorite foods. My mom can certainly attest to these two facts. 

"The human is the only species that is confused about what to eat. As children we are instinctual in what we want to eat. I can fill a large table with every type of food that humans eat., and put a small child in front of the table. Guess which foods they will always go to? Fruits and flowers- the high energy, colorful foods. That is because we are frugivores., not omnivores. If a human were truly a carnivore, he or she would enjoy catching a live animal, ripping it apart, and eating it as is... and I don't know of too many people who enjoy this."

Anatomical and Physiological Difference of Vertebrates

CARNIVORES                                   OMNIVORES

Includes:                                                                        Includes: 
Cats, cheetahs, lions, etc.                                                   Birds (including chickens, turkeys, etc.),
                                                                                            hogs and dogs
Mainly meats, some vegetable, grass                                   Diet:                                    
     and herbs                                                                    Some meat, vegetables, fruits, roots and 
                                                                                             some barks 

Digestive System:                                                           Digestive system:
Tongue- very rough (for pulling                                        Tongue- moderate to rough 
and tearing                                                                       Salivary glands- underactive 
Salivary Glands- none                                                      Stomach- moderate gastric acids (HCL and 
Stomach- simple structure; small                                         pepsin
    round sacks; strong gastric juices                                   Small intestines- somewhat sacculated, which
Small intestine- smooth and short                                          accounts for their ability to eat vegetables 
Liver- 50 percent larger than that of                                   Liver- complex and larger proportionally than
    humans; very complex with five distinct                            that of humans
    chambers; heavy bile flowfor heavy                
    gastric juices                                                               Eliminative System:
                                                                                       Colon- shorter than human colon, with 
Eliminative System:                                                            minimal absorption
Colon- smooth, non-sacculated, minimal                             GI tract- ten times the length of the spine
   ability for absorption     
GI tract- three times the length of the spine                         Extremities (limbs):
                                                                                     Hands- hoofs, claws and paws
Extremities (limbs):                                                       Feet- hoofs, claws and paws
Hands (upper front)- claw type                                         Quadrupeds- walks on all four extremities; 
Feet (lower back)- claw type                                                 except for birds, which have and walk on 
Quadrupeds- walks on all four                                             two legs only 

Integumentary system:                                                   Integumentary system:
Skin- 100 percent covered with hair                                  Skin- smooth, oily, hair or feathers
Sweat glands- uses tongue, and has sweat                            Sweat glands- very minimal; only around 
    glands foot pads only                                                          snout (hogs) and foot pads (dogs) and 
                                                                                                none on birds
Skeletal System:
Teeth- incisor teeth in front, molars behind with                 Skeletal system:
    large canine for ripping                                                Teeth- tusk like canine teeth or beaks 
Jaws- undirectional, up-and-down- only                             Jaws- multi-directional 
Tail- yes                                                                         Tail- yes

Urinary system:                                                            Urinary system:
Kidneys-  (urine) acid                                                     Kidneys- (urine) acid

HERBIVORES                                     FRUGIVORES

Includes:                                                                       Includes:
Horses, cows, sheep, elephants, deer, girraffes                    Humans and primates (apes, chimpanzees,
Vegetables, herbs and some roots and barks                       Diet:
                                                                                     Mainly fruits, nuts, seeds, sweet vegetables
Digestive system:                                                                and herbs
Tongue- moderately rough
Salivary glands- alkaline digestion starts here                    Digestive System:
Stomach- Oblong, ringed, and the most complex               Tongue- smooth, used mail as a shovel
     (as a rule, has four or more pouches or                       Salivary glands- alkaline digestive energies
     stomachs); weak stomach acids                                          start here
Small intestines- long and sacculated for                          Stomach- oblong with two compartments
     extensive absorption                                                  Small intestines- sacculated for extensive 
Liver- similar to humans (slightly larger                                  absorption
     in capacity)                                                               Liver- simple and average size, not large and
                                                                                                 complex, like carnivores
Eliminative system:
Colon- long and sacculated (ringed) for                            Eliminative system:
     extensive absorption                                                   Colon- sacculated for extensive absorption
GI tract- thirty times the length of the spine                        GI tract- twelve times the length of the spine

Extremities (limbs):                                                     Extremities (limbs): 
Hands (upper)- hoofs                                                     Hands (upper)- fingers for picking, peeling
Feet (lower)- hoofs                                                                   and tearing
Quadrupeds- walks on all four extremities                         Feet (lower)- toes
                                                                                    Walks upright on two extremities 
Integumentary system:
Skin- pores with extensive hair covering                          Integumentary system:
     entire body                                                                Skin- pores, with minimal hair 
Sweat glands- includes millions of persperation                 Sweat glands- includes millions of 
     ducts                                                                                 perspiration ducts

Skeletal system:                                                           Skeletal system:
Teeth- twenty- four molar, five on each side of                Teeth- thirty- two teeth: four incisors (cutting)
     each jaw and eight incisors (cutting teeth)                       two cuspids (pointed), four small molars (bi-
     in the front part of the jaws                                           cuspids), and six molars (no long canine or 
Jaws- multi-directional, up-and-down,                                  tusk type teeth)
     side-to-side, forward and backward creating                Jaws- multi-motional, dimensional,
     a grinding effect                                                             up-and-down, backward and forward, 
Tail- yes                                                                              side-to-side, etc.
                                                                                    Tail- some
Urinary System:                                                          
Kidneys- (urine) alkaline                                                 Urinary system:
                                                                                     Kidneys- (urine) alkaline

"After dissecting and observing different species' anatomical structures and physiological processes we come to the same conclusion: Humans are frugivores, like it or not."

"It is not difficult to understand that we need to start eating as our biological makeup demands. On top of this we need to realize that no animal cooks its food before eating it. Zoo-keepers learned years ago never to feed cooked foods to any animal, as this will cause them to sicken and die. I don't know of any veterinarians who encourage people to feed their house pets from the table. Why? Simple. Our pets will get the same diseases we have. Cooking your food destroys it. It changes the chemistry and severely reduces its electrical energy."

We eat food to keep us alive, how ironic that the typical diet eaten today is killing us slowly. What we choose to eat can make us sick or can set us free. It is always our choice. We can retrain ourselves to enjoy the simplicity of eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, I'm living proof. When I felt and saw the difference in my body and mind is when I was convinced that this is whats right, that this is good. I still struggle with cravings and I believe foods like pizza and cookies are just as addictive as any drug. Sometimes I just want them and I don't care how bad it is for me, I'm not happy until I get it and then I feel super crappy afterwards.  

Its so important to change these generational patterns. Just because this is how its been for so long doesn't mean its ok. If we look at the grand scheme of human life on earth it hasn't really been that long since the development of processed foods, meat factories and supermarkets. Compare this timeline to the rise in cancer rates, the similarity is no coincidence. 

The best way in my opinion to make a change is starting our babies off right. My best friends baby drinks green smoothies and green juices, even with ginger, like a champ. It is much easier for little ones to enjoy natural flavors and sugars found in fruits before they've tasted processed foods and sugars. Theres no competition to the chemical reaction going off in our brain when sitting down to a bowl of fruit loops compared to a bowl of fruit salad. Our taste buds will choose the processed sugar every time if we don't know better. We need to be wise for our babies. 

We must also lead by example. Our children will be interested in what they see us eating. We have a choice everyday what we put on our plate. Make it fun for them, make it taste good. They will want to do what mommy and daddy are doing. I can imagine older kids would be a bit more difficult to convince after years of eating for pure enjoyment rather health. Even if we are shown the light when our children are older and decide to make changes after they already love pizza and cookies, there is still hope <3 Small steps, never forcing. Explaining that you ate a certain way for a long time not knowing the damage it was doing to your bodies but you've learned something that will help your family and improve the way they feel. Hopefully there is a strong loving bond and they can trust what you are trying to teach them. Learning with them and creating delicious recipes together is key.

We have a true vote without a ballot every time we purchase food. If everyone buys more fruits and vegetables there will be a higher demand for them and less room for the other non worthy foods in our carts.

Eat love, Live love <3

*Quotes and Chart are taken directly from The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.


  1. Amazing post! Enjoyed it A LOT. Thank you for sharing all your information! Makes us even more sure that we are on the right track with on our Raw Vegan journey and all that follows on that, a conscious way of living and thinking. Thank you once again. So happy to have found your blog!

  2. Thank You!! I love to spread the word <3 <3

  3. I read about frugivores in a book called "fit for life" as a teenager and was thinking about this diet must eat constantly from what I remember, and smartly. I am a lacto/ovo and I suffer malnutrition. You must feel it so much..Very nice page..well thought out and convincing..

  4. Good post! Carnivores need to read this and educate themselves with all the great info out there; especially with this article!

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